The only diet rule you need to know

It might just be crazy enough to work.

In this world of keto, paleo, low-carb, 5:2, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, tarian-itarian (could be a thing?), eating has never been bound by more rules. When did eating become so complicated? I mean I struggle to remember how to change the time on my oven let alone trying to remember that you can have maple syrup as a vegan but not honey. You can have both honey and maple on paleo. You can drink a litre of either on the 5:2, as long as it’s your billion-calorie day and not your fasting day. And God forbid you so much as smell either of the evil sticky-sugary-substances on low-carb diets lest you are banished to sticky-sugary-substance hell (actually sounds pretty good).

Right here, right now I’m about to un-clutter your mind of dietary rules and regulations and unleash upon you the only diet rule you need to know in order to free your brain for other important information like: for apartment addresses is it the first number that’s the apartment number? Or is that the street number? Anyway. Here is the only diet rule:

Eat well most of the time

80% of the time eat like you want to live forever, 20% like you’re Elvis aiming to die in the throes of a deep fried peanut-butter bacon and banana sandwich.

*My nutrition qualifications include: eating for 39 years and not being dead yet.