Headlines that make me go hmmmm…

In my research for Wretched I come across bazillions of headlines/click-bait. Some make me laugh (at them and with them), some make me want to cry (with dumb-ness) while others make me rub my single chin-hair and go hmmmmmmmm. Here are but some:

“Yep bike-shorts are back”

They are not.

“How to nail the socks and slides trend like a pro”

Nope. No pros in this area. Not a trend.

“Sweetness without sugar”

No thanks.

“10 things to know about bread”

There is only one thing to know: it’s delicious.

“This healthy raw cookie dough recipe tastes better than the real thing”

It absolutely does not.

“Kayla Istines used to get bullied for her ripped abs”

I can’t even.

“The secret ingredients marathon runners are using as fuel”

A car?

“4 reasons why it’s ok to skip the gym today”

Amateur. Will give you 100. Million.

“Fill your shirt with this chest and tricep workout”

This sentence creeps me out. No idea why.

“You can now buy dairy free vegan ice-cream made from avocados”

I’ve seen it. It’s called guacamole.

“Studies find burritos could be a super-food”