Questions even I have

I have been in the fitness industry as long as I can remember and even before that (mainly due to my shocking memory). I’ve seen trends come and go (and then come back), I’ve seen leotards over tights, inside bums, without tights, with leg-warmers, with belts. I’ve seen dudes in shorty-shorts, longy shorts, tighty-tights. I’ve sweated through Jazzercise, Reebok Slide and Tae Bo. But there are just some things even I still don’t understand:

Why the big bag?

Usually as tall as they are wide, these guys carry around an overnight bag from exercise to exercise on the gym floor. Why? What’s in your bag? What’s in your bag that’s so big? And what’s in your bag that’s so big and so precious that you can’t leave it in a locker?


What’s the thought process?

I don’t mean to discriminate – but it’s not discrimination if it’s accurate: dudes that leave 150kg worth of weights on bars, 400kg on the leg-press and 80kg worth of dumbbells in the furthest possible corner of the gym from whence they belong. What I want to know is this: what is the thought process when you finish your exercise and leave a million kilos worth of weight lying around while a minimum wage 18-year old gym floor hand slips-a-disc and develops a hernia packing up after you?


Why the exercise?

What sport in this game of life are you training for when you stand on a swiss-ball doing a shoulder press? Or standing on a swiss-ball at all?

Asking for a friend.