6 natural ways to boost your energy levels

And in another installment of ruining my chances of ever writing for a reputable title: “6 natural ways to boost your energy levels” as seen on triplewhite.com

  1. Get an early dose of sunlight and movement

Oh wait. That one is actually decent :/

  1. Take control of your insulin and blood sugar levels

Sounds complicated. Controlling insulin is way down my “bodily functions to control” list.

  1. Swap the coffee and sweet treat for something more nourishing



  1. Enjoy an outdoor exercise snack

See above.

Plus. Not even a thing.

  1. Swap social media for face-to-face conversation with a real human being

Real humans? Nope.

  1. Avoid artificial ‘blue light’ at night

“the blue light emitted from your phone, computer screen, TV and light bulbs tricks your brain in to thinking it’s daytime”

But how will I sleep not knowing what kind of potato chip I am? Whether I’m having twins this year based on my initials? WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BUY ME KFC IF THEY DON’T RESPOND TO ME IN THE NEXT 5-MINUTES? These are questions that cannot be occupying my thoughts as I attempt to slumber.

Thanks to triplewhite.com for the inspo – from whom I did not get permission, obvs.