3 nutrition rules you need to live by

DISCLAIMER: I actually have no idea if you should live by these rules.

Stop eating when you’re full. Der

I give people no end of the shits when I leave a single bite of food on my plate. If I’m full. I’ll stop, whether it’s one-million mouthfuls remaining or one. Except when it’s chips. I won’t stop. I won’t stop until I’m dead.

Eat the donut

If you feel like something…eat it – if I feel like a donut. I’ll eat it. Done. How many times has this happened: I feel like a donut “donuts are bad” (they are not. Maybe it’s just your attitude), I’ll eat an apple instead. But I still feel like the donut. Ok, I’ll have a carrot and maybe my craving will go away. But I really want the donut. Hmmmm, ok I’ll eat a [insert food that is not a donut and will never live up to a donut] instead. And then after all this chitty-chat you end up eating the donut anyway. Dude. Seriously. Have. The. Damn. Donut.

Food anarchy

I declare food anarchy! The nano-second you put a rule on what you can eat when? You’re fucked. Here is an example:

ME: I’m giving up chocolate

Nano-second later

BRAIN: CHOCOLATE Chocolate chocolate CHOColatTE chocolate ChOcOlATe ChocoLATE

See what I’m saying?