5 things I hate more than necessary

Some would say I’m just a very angry person.

Wearing headphones in the gym

And when you and your training partner are wearing them? Why tho?

Any exercise that could have just been replaced with a squat

I’m talking to you girl who was doing a side-travelling sashay down the length of the gym floor, with weird seal/tyre-tube-inner looking weight on shoulders, with circular resistance band around thighs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


In isolation I hate Tupperware, organisation and accuracy. Everything that meal-prep is. And everything I am not.

Gym gear that matches 

Considering launching an anti-fashion movement called dressing in the dark. Some may argue I have already started said movement.

Singlets with quotes

Gratitude attitude (no)

Nama-slay (what?)

Dream believe achieve (kill me).