Gym-floor bingo

Instead of accidentally staring weirdly in to space between your sets – here’s a game you can play:  Gym-Floor Bingo. So now you can stare weirdly…with intent.

Give yourself one point for each of the following you spot on the gym-floor:

  1. Guy carrying giant oversized bag to every exercise
  2. Person setting up a circuit like they are the only one in the gym (no no, please right go ahead and use 17-pieces of equipment)
  3. Hair-ball tumbleweed
  4. Someone performing an un-identified exercise – usually stolen from Insta or YouTube the night before. Get a bonus points if it’s dangerous
  5. 7,000kgs on the leg-press machine
  6. A barbell with only one side unloaded (why tho?)
  7. An errant dumbbell that is 2km away from where it belongs
  8. Someone running on treadmill like their life depended on it

Double points granted for the following:

  1. Person without headphones
  2. A pair of 1.25kg plates. Smaller weight plates are like socks – one is always fucking missing

How did you go??