Don’t waste your time on these hashtags

Seriously – don’t bother:

#glutes (4.6 million posts)

A combination of asses, exercises that could have just been a squat and seriously not-for-purpose use of machines on the gym floor. However – credit where it’s due, I’ve seen a fucken creative use of a pec-deck machine. I swear to god I can’t unsee this.

#mealprep (8.8 million posts)

100 grams of grey chicken and 3 broccoli florets in plastic containers. Why tho?

#fitinspiration (16.5 million posts. The much more irritating #fitspo clocks up 60.8 million posts)

Asses and abs. Boobs and bikinis. And a guy doing a bench-press with a boner. Wot?

#blessed (101 million posts)

Surprisingly similar to #fitinspiration – minus the guy with the boner.

#fitfam (95.5 million posts)

Perhaps not getting the memo – the #fitfam hashtag features a remarkable number of posts featuring individuals #nofam

Special mention to (avoid) the following:

#sweatyballs #glutesthatsalute #mybodyisagarden