Where does fat go?

Warning: this article contains actual information

Go on – have a guess: where does fat actually go when you burn it off?

Turns in to muscle. Wrong.

Lost as heat. Also Wrong.

Expelled via [insert orifice here]. Wrong. And gross.

The correct answer might surprise you. You’re probably doing it right now. Fat is converted in to carbon dioxide and water – you literally breathe it out.

Now calm down. I know what you’re thinking: so I can sit on the sofa, breathe out really hard and burn fat? Wouldn’t that be nice. No, you actually have to engage in physical activity.

Now go forth and use this fun-fatty-fact as motivation to keep going in your next workout!

Breath-in. Breathe-out. Out. OUT!

This article is has been stolen & edited. Read a more accurate representation of the article here.