3 reasons to exercise (that aren’t about exercise)

It’s shocking to think you might exercises for reasons other than #glutesthatsalute

So you don’t commit a felony

The actual number of my gym sessions that have been fuelled by rage and hate-fire rather than pre-trainer and commitment are numerous as they are concerning. None-the-less, putting your spiteful- energy in to a gym session will not only produce some of the best sessions you will do all year, but you will also keep your criminal record clean.

Cheap drugs

By working out, your extreme shit mood can be turned in to a run-of-the-mill shit mood, and on a good day can make you feel positively euphoric. Enter endorphins – the hormone produced when you exercise. Use your gym membership right, and you could achieve this happy hit for as little as a couple of dollars a day. Economical AND legal.

Clearing your head  

If you don’t have the inclination or the time (or the mountain top) to gaze in to the heavens to clear your head, a workout is the answer. The (bro) science is in: a super-tough workout is the fastest way to gain clarity – a near death experience will do that.