3 ways to navigate the gym when you hate talking to people

It’s a real conundrum, working out at a gym is more motivating…but people. Working out at home you can avoid people…but no motivation.

Here are 3 ways you can get the best of both worlds: the motivation of a gym, without talking to anyone:

Group fitness classes

There is a meme that says “a group of people is called a no” and while the very name group fitness implies that it’s a social gathering – it is in fact the complete opposite. To be honest you probably have to go to some effort to make a group fitness class social – most people are in a group fitness class to simply do their thing (i.e. die in a group setting) and go home.

Gym floor

This is an easy one to make anti-social: headphones. Having said that – at no point in the history of my life has a random just come up and spoken to me while working out on the gym floor (headphones or not). The gym floor can be a little trickier to navigate without talking to anyone if you are unsure of what to do – but not impossible. There are 2 options in this instance:

There are normally classes on the gym floor that are guided by a personal trainer. Jump in to one of these classes, get familiar with some of the equipment and moves and once you feel confident go forth and train on your own.

The second option is a little stalker-y. It does require some patience, but it’s worth it to not have to interact with other humans. Find a vantage point where you can see the gym floor – usually the cardio equipment (such as the treadmills) overlooks the gym floor. And for a few sessions simply walk on the treadmill and observe the gym floor; specifically observe how to use equipment and take note where people are doing certain activities (for example – is there a dedicated stretching area? Are people doing their own circuit in a designated space?). Use your fight or flight instinct to determine whether the person you are watching knows what they are doing.

Google it

If you are unsure what exercises to do at the gym – a google search of gym programs results in over 3 and a half million hits (and about 3 kilometres worth of results when searching for a fitness app). Either way, pick a program/app you like the sound of and go with that. As a general rule steer clear of any program that includes the word booty. In all seriousness – a program that focuses on targeting one area of your body (such as booty) is bogus. Choose a program that looks like there are exercises for your entire body (arms, legs and core) and one that fits the commitment you are able to put in to the gym (which becomes a lot more appealing with the knowledge you don’t actually have to talk to anyone, right?).

See you at the gym! Just don’t talk to me.