How to be a good client

It’s pretty easy to find information on what to look for in a good personal trainer, but what about information on being a good client? It’s only fair that if you don’t want a dick of a personal trainer, you shouldn’t be a dick yourself. Here is how to be a good client:

Be punctual

Really you’re only doing yourself a disservice here. Personal trainers often book back-to-back clients, so if you turn up late – your session is cut short. Too bad, so sad.

Expectation Vs reality

A single personal training session per week, doth not achieve-eth the result. Your results are based on the other 6-days a week you don’t see your personal trainer. While, sure, they will guide and motivate you through your scheduled session, it is in fact their recommendations and programming on the other 6-days that will achieve the results you are seeking. So don’t blame your personal trainer if you aren’t achieving results based on your single training session per week. Remember, you have hired a personal trainer, not a deity of fucken miracles.

Quit your bitchin’  

I don’t mean the garden variety “this is too hard” and “I think I’m dying”, I’m talking “I don’t like this exercise”, “I don’t want to do that”. I’m sorry, that’s bad luck: if you want to win a marathon you’re going to need Band-Aids for your nipples. While I’m not 100% sure what that means, the sentiment I agree with: if you want to achieve a specific result, you are going to have to get uncomfortable (such as nipple chafing – which I didn’t even know was a thing). If you don’t want to do/don’t like certain exercises, you can’t have a cry if you haven’t achieved the results you were expecting in a given time-frame.


Unless you are dead or in the process of dying, you better turn up to your personal training session. Even worse is when you are the first client of the day at stupid-o-clock and you cancel with 5-mintues notice – there is a special place in hell for people like you. Can’t be bothered or slept in are absolutely not excuses and you should expect to be charged the full rate of your session – and in fact you should offer to pay because your ever-suffering personal trainer will feel like a dick charging you. Soz, you deserve it. Next time set 7-alarms.