3 ways to accidentally exercise at the gym

It’s about the art of distraction.

Group fitness diversion

Working out with a bunch of people, with music blaring, trying to master the art of choreography, while trying not to look stupid, avoiding bumping into anyone and generally not standing out for the wrong reasons are all wonderful ways to distract yourself from a workout. In no time at all – you’ve completed your hour of exercise without even realising.

Gym floor creativity

Nothing makes time go slower than the monotony of ye-same-olde routine you have been doing since the dawn of lat-pulldown machine time. Switch your program up every month or so to keep your mind ticking as you are distracted by unfamiliar movements rather than the ticking of the clock. See: how to change up your weights routine when you don’t know anything.

Cardio machine wizardry

It’s been scientifically proven that time itself stands still when one is using the treadmill. Or something. Rather than the lobotomy that is steady pace exercise on cardio equipment – try breaking up the time with varying intensity. For example from 0-2 minutes walk at a 7km/hr pace, from 2 – 4 minutes increase the incline by 0.5, from 4 – 6 minutes jog at 9km/hour etc. Anyway – that’s a shit one – Google: treadmill workouts and you’ll see 17-million variations that will make 20-minutes on the treadmill feel like 20-minutes (rather than one billion hours).