5 ways to make your boring AF workout more interesting (without trying)

Different face

Got a fav class but getting bored AF of late? Try going to a different instructors/trainers class for a delish fresh perspective on a class you have been doing for aaaaages.

Change of place

If your gym is part of a chain, try going to a location you don’t normally go to. A change of scenery might perk you up – or at least make your session more interesting as you figure out where the fuck everything is and people watch/judge a whole new set of individuals. FUN!

Try, try, tryyyyyyyyyyy

In the wise words of Pink “you gotta get up and try, try, tryyyy”. If you have been participating in a class and always do the same options, try the harder option offered. If you are on the gym floor and doing exactly the same weight, increase the weight. If you have been too scared to try a different piece of equipment, ask a trainer to help (trust me they will thank you for providing them relief from cleaning dust balls under the treadmills). You will get an instant buzz and a new lease on your workout when you surprise yourself with what you can do.

New threads

I’m not even sorry to be shallow: how motivating is it to go to the gym when you know have killer new threads to workout in? Probs not a good long term strategy (unless v rich), but whatevs.

Tag along

Got a pal that works out too? Give them heaps of shit about their shit workout that you would never try? Time to eat your words and join them. You never know you might enjoy it. Even if you don’t, you’ve shaken up your routine and tried something new – their shit workout might make you appreciate your boring one more.