The real hero’s of the gym

Handstand pushups, 200kg squats, biceps bigger than your head – don’t impress me much. Here are the real hero’s of the gym:

The good Samaritan

Even though they didn’t use [insert piece of random equipment strewn on the floor], they put [insert piece of random equipment strewn on the floor] away in its rightful place rather than simply stepping over the top of the [insert piece of random equipment strewn on the floor].

The technician

People can be beautiful. Art can be beautiful. A landscape can be beautiful – but you know what else can be beautiful? Good technique at the gym. There is nothing that brings a tear to my eye like considered, controlled form on the gym floor. Those tears turn to sobs of joy when the weights they are lifting are super light such are the few fucks they give at impressing anyone.

The selfless soul

I love nothing more than a human that has their head wholly, solely and confidently removed from their own ass-hole. This is the human that considers other patrons at the gym. They don’t monopolise a single piece of equipment for 30 minutes at a time, they don’t set up a personal circuit of 15 pieces of equipment across 50 square metres and 2 floors of the gym, and if someone is standing in “their” spot in a group fitness class they simply stand somewhere else.