Time to glamorise UNSEXY

We are so quick to give up on our fitness goals because we are conditioned to glamorise the 2% but not the 98%

I had an epiphany today.

I’m learning to juggle kettlebells (well at this stage in the learning curve they are juggling me). Anyway, it’s as cool as it sounds. As you can imagine even contemplating throwing around a ball of steel requires some serious physical foundations of strength, mobility and stupidity.

And it dawned on me today in the most ridiculous moment of deciding what to post on social media from my workout (I know I know). What dawned on me was that I had nothing exciting to post from my workout. You would think juggling kettlebells is all exciting.

The fact is about 2% of juggling kettlebells is exciting. The other 98% is foundational/boring work that allows me to contemplate the other 2% without a visit to the emergency department.

98% of the work is unsexy.

My epiphany is this: one of the biggest barriers to achieving our fitness goals is that we don’t see the 98% of the work that results in the 2% final product.

  • We see amazing ‘before & after’ transformation photos (2%).
  • We see videos of impressive physical feats (2%).
  • We see images of impossible physiques (2%).

I am here today to declare: IT’S TIME TO GLAMORISE UNSEXY!

It’s time to revere the unrelenting work that goes into the ‘after’ photo. The months of repetitive basic exercise that leads to the impressive physical feats. The years of unrelenting diet that results in impossible physiques. We are so quick to give up on our fitness goals because we are conditioned to glamorise the 2% but not the 98%

So instead let’s start to see:

  • An unsexy sexy selfie of your face first thing out of bed on a freezing Winter morning as you commit to the pre-dawn training session you said you would (98%).
  • An unsexy sexy video of you practicing simply hanging off a bar as the first step to achieving a chin-up by the end of the year (98%).
  • An unsexy sexy photo of your side-dish of greens at a restaurant when all you want is a side-dish of crispy golden fries (98%).

The thing is, when we assign the same value to the 98% we give ourselves permission to celebrate the small wins that helps us maintain motivation on our way to the 2%.

And that is the unsexy sexy truth.

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