Get more bang for your fitness buck

Are you a fitness philanthropist orrrrr?

Fitness Philanthropist is the term that we give our friends that pay for a gym membership but never show up. As a gym owner I appreciate you, but as a fellow human that also pays $47,000 for a tank of petrol, this isn’t the economic climate for such charitable donations. If you are paying for a gym membership here is how you can get more bang for your fitness buck:

Turn up

I don’t really know how to say this but…JUST TURN UP. The only expensive gym membership is the one you don’t use.  

Value: up to $90/week for a gym membership (or one tank of petrol).

Use all available facilities

Are you aware of all the facilities/services that your gym offers? Some gyms offer loads such as Pilates, group fitness, yoga, pool, spa, sauna and circuit classes. But I know for a fact that most gym members utilise one, maybe two of these services. Here’s the thing, you are paying for these services even if you don’t use them. So take a look at what else is on offer at your gym and in the name of prudent fiscal choices, give them a red hot go.

Value: paying for these services separately $30 each (or one smashed av. No house deposits here).

“Bring a buddy”

Gyms will almost always offer bring a buddy day/week throughout the year where members get the opportunity to bring their bestie to trial the facility for free for a given amount of time. So keep your eye out for these days/weeks and show your loved one you care by making them suffer.

Value: $30 for a casual visit (or get your bestie to spring for the aforementioned smashed av).

Keep your eyes peeled

Gyms on occasion will host special events such as technique classes, workshops, seminars, short-courses, come and try sessions and special guest appearances – these alone could be worth hundreds were you to pay for them outside the gym. Stay abreast of what is happening at your gym by giving the gym noticeboard a side-eye when you walk past, follow their social media and open their emails and give them a cursory glance.

Value: $150 for a single workshop (or call-out fee for repairman to fix door on washing machine that currently requires a butter-knife to open #relatable).

Seek out professional advice

It could be special offers on PT packages, free posture assessments, supplement sample days – these are all opportunities to ask questions and learn from professionals. I’m not talking monopolising these individuals and pumping them for free information for hours on end, but it’s the perfect opportunity to ask a professional some pointed questions that would usually cost hundreds.  It doesn’t even need to be a special event to take the opportunity to ask questions, professionals in the gym whether it’s a PT or group fitness instructor are more than happy to help you out with questions you might have.

Value: $80 for a single PT session (or 6 items or less of groceries)

Member offers

Some gyms are affiliated with other businesses where members can enjoy discounts and other special offers. This could include discounts from clothing brands, meal delivery services or offers from local businesses such as cafes in the area.

Value: $11.50 (or small flat white). 

Get involved

Gyms are a sucker for themed dress up days, social gatherings and charitable events. Get involved! Try something new, have some silly fun (and couldn’t we do with some of that right now am-I-right???) and talk to people you might have seen 1,000 times at the gym but have never spoke to.